Our History

In 1972 Unicorn Preparatory (Primary) School first opened its doors. And in this time, the school has become an icon of education and a vital part of community life in Tzaneen. 

Unicorn was started way back in 1971 as an English-medium government school. It was originally simply called Tzaneen English Primary. Then in 1972, on the 24th of March, a new name was announced – Unicorn Primary School – and the motto Integrity officially adopted. 

The Unicorn is a fitting symbol for a fine school. The mythical one-horned horse appears in folklore around the world. In South Africa tales of the unicorn are even found in ancient Khoi and Khoi-san culture. All the legendary tales of the unicorn portray it as a creature devoid of evil, a mythical protector of the meek and innocent. The school's three houses – Aquila, Leo and Pegasus also complement the name of the school. 

There is a strong sense of history and family at Unicorn Prep. Many of the original founder families of the school now have grandchildren attending Unicorn. Many current parents as well as staff members were pupils at Unicorn in the early days, which has ensured tradition and continuity. In the early nineties, the parent body of Unicorn voted to become a Model C school. This was followed by becoming a totally independent school in 1994.

May INTEGRITY follow the footsteps of all who enter the gates of Unicorn Preparatory!

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