Helping our resources grow

The Unicorn Fundraising Committee began in February 2019 by a group of parents who are enthusiastic and passionate about planning and implementing Unicorn’s major fundraising events. All funds raised are used for the benefit of the children of Unicorn. The R170000 raised in 2019 has/is being used for the Robotics Programme from Grades R-7. Click here to find out more. Parents will be invited to learn more about what your children are doing in this exciting class!

Why fundraise?

As a private school, we receive no government funding and must raise money for resources not covered by school fees ourselves. These include items such as sports equipment, learning resources, school upgrades and building projects etc.

By continually upgrading our school, we create a sense of pride, team spirit and excitement amongst the teachers, children and parents; and we are building an even greater school for future Unicorn learners.

Did you know?

Unicorn gives back to the community too. We are able to give to hospitals and at the end of last year had a socks and teddy drive. We are able to make donations to the SPCA, Noah’s Ark, God’s Haven and other underprivileged members of the local community.

Did you know about the Grade 7 tradition?

As part of the fundraising initiative, traditionally the Grade 7s present a gift to the school, for which they and the parents run separate minor fundraising events. Note that these funds get added to the overall fundraising for the year.

How can I get involved?

Helpers and volunteers are always needed and appreciated! Whether it’s for an hour here and there, pulling together a single event, or working with us throughout the year, it’s a great opportunity to use your skills and passion for the good of everyone at Unicorn.

What do we still need?

Our wish list for the next three years includes (in no order of priority):

  1. *Expand the robotics programme

  2. Upgrade the IT computer software and hardware

  3. Build a soccer field with artificial grass for Foundation Phase

  4. Unicorn branding of Gazebos/sports equipment/podium

  5. Extending extra grand stands for sports fields

  6. A generator!

Who is responsible for what?

While class moms and dads often help with fundraising events by facilitating catering, costumes and make-up, schedules and more, this is not their prime role. Class parents help to build a closer Unicorn community by providing practical support to the Head, staff and parents of Unicorn. They assist with relevant communications about school events and activities, and act as a link between the school and parents. Jenny Hayes( the point of contact for class parents and co-ordinating specific smaller functions for Foundation and Intersen Phase.

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for driving and implementing specific major fundraising activities, along with the assistance of teachers, pupils and class parents as helpers & organisers of food.

A class parent from the Foundation and Intersen Phases respectively will have direct links to the fundraising committee to ensure transparency and that they are kept up to date with upcoming fundraising events which require parent assistance.

Fundraising Committee Members:

Adnene & Zineb Fhima

Ashleigh McLaren

Leigh-Anne October

Claire Wiltshire

Claudia Newton (Marketing)

Sarah Cornish (Secretary)

Candice Veijerien

Jeanne & Malan van Zyl

Corene Alexander (Class Parent Lead)

Questions and feedback: Upcoming fundraising activities are posted in the weekly Unicorn newsletter and on the calendar in the parental portal. If you have any questions or feedback about the Fundraising Committee you can contact any of the committee members directly or leave a message at the office.