Grade R

Fun-Filled Learning in a Safe, Nurturing Environment

Learning while having fun!

Unicorn’s Grade R facility is set in beautiful gardens in a quiet corner of the school.

Our Grade R facility has two large, well-appointed classrooms, an indoor play/creative area as well as a well equipped outdoor play area, with all the necessary large motor skill developing apparatus.

Our children are carefully monitored in their day to day activities whether it be at play or at work. We strive to keep our environment the happy, stimulating, nurturing one that it is by having set parameters and a well worked out timetable which covers all learning areas. Our children in Grade R also attend Information Technology in the school’s main computer centre as well as music and Robotics lessons. Specialised drumming lessons form part of the Grade R curriculum...

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the activities included in their weekly programme:

Music, Drumming, Information Technology, Robotics, Swimming (in season) and Occupational Therapy (as a class). When our children are not attending one of the aforementioned activities they are at our facility interacting, learning and playing together. We firmly believe in the importance of play as we help our children to become well rounded, socially adaptable, well adjusted little beings.

Our Grade R staff includes two qualified pre-school / foundation phase teachers and two helpers, one of which is a qualified first aider.

We have access to a Learner Support facilitator who is available to help us with any concerns or problems we encounter in preparing our little ones for Grade One. As she is on campus, there is a continuous communication and issues are tackled as they arise, rather than having to wait for somebody to be consulted externally. A speech therapist is available on our premises once a week for pupils who require this specialised group therapy.

We also have ballet, cricket and tennis instruction available on the property however these are at an additional cost to the parent as an extra mural activity.

We strongly believe that there is no better way to equip your child to be a part of the Unicorn family than to have them attend our Grade R.