Email Disclaimer

Email disclaimer

The content of all email communication/s (including attachments) is strictly confidential and is intended solely for the use of the named recipient(s). If you have received an email in error, you are not permitted to disclose, distribute, retain or take any action in reliance thereon and are requested to please notify the sender immediately by return email and then delete it.

Email is not necessarily secure or error free. Unicorn Preparatory School is neither liable for the proper, complete transmission of the information contained in this communication, nor any delay in its receipt. Unicorn Preparatory School does not guarantee that the mail is virus-free. It is the responsibility of the named recipient(s) to check that incoming emails are virus free. Unicorn Preparatory School is not liable whatsoever for loss or damage resulting from the opening of email messages and/or attachments and/or the use of the information contained in these messages and/or attachments.

No employee or intermediary is authorised to conclude a binding agreement on behalf of Unicorn Preparatory School by email without the express written confirmation by a duly authorised representative of Unicorn Preparatory School. The views and opinions expressed in emails are those of the sender/s and no liability will attach to Unicorn Preparatory School. Unicorn Preparatory School retains the copyright to all email messages sent from its communications systems.

This email disclaimer will at all times take precedence over any other email disclaimer received by employees/students utilising the communications facilities of the School.