Robotics at Unicorn Preparatory School

The 5 essential characteristics of learning through play in Robotics at Unicorn is:

1.)   Meaningful,

2.)   Socially Interactive,

3.)   Actively Engaging,

4.)   Iterative and,

5.)   Joyful

These aspects support the development of early literacy and numeracy skills in an integrated approach, while also cultivating children’s social, emotional, physical, and creative skills. So, whether pupils excel in coding, building or any one of the parts that encapsulates Robotics, there is always something for each pupil to learn!

Play-based learning and approaches, such as inquiry-based learning and active and experiential learning, are founded on the same learning theories. Central to these theories is the idea that educators and learners work together in partnership to co-construct knowledge. This is what Unicorn’s Robotics department aims to achieve.

Our learning environment is intentionally designed to maximize opportunities to foster creativity, social interaction, experimentation, and a love of learning.  We have loads of fun whilst using critical thinking skills to solve problems from real life scenarios.

Looking to the future we would like to expand our Robotics department even further.  This will allow for depth over breadth, while learning through play also affords children the time and space they need to fully explore STEAM topics.  The LEGO Foundation completed a study that indicates to achieve the best possible outcomes, children would benefit from learning between and across disciplines, and connecting concepts and content with their real-world applications. So, as we go on, our aim is to collaborate with other subjects, acquire more advanced equipment to better understand STEAM topics and facilitate more children, who work together, at a time.