General Code of Conduct


Pupils should be strictly punctual for school and all school activities. Appropriate action will be taken in the case of repeated late arrival.

Pupils should be collected punctually after school. For safety reasons, collection times are strictly enforced. Late collection penalties will be levied if children are fetched late.

Pupils should obtain permission to leave school early or for a medical appointment. Pupils leaving early must be collected from the office.

Should a pupil be absent from school, a note written by the parent explaining their absence, must be handed to the class teacher. If the absence is three days or longer, a doctor’s certificate must be provided.

Should a pupil miss school for any reason, it is the responsibility of the pupil to catch up the work missed.

Should a pupil join an extra-curricular activity, the pupil is expected to honour his / her obligations as regards attending practices or playing a match, unless exempted by the Director of Sport or sports coach.

Parents have a legal obligation to ensure that children attend school and may be liable for prosecution should a child be absent without a justified reason.



In accordance with Unicorn’s core values, pupils are expected to behave in a manner which is based on self-respect and respect for others.

No pupil may harm the physical well-being of another pupil and may not bring to school weapons, toys or any other objects which can cause physical injury.

Behaviour such as bullying, bad language, vulgarity, insolence and theft, or any behaviour which is detrimental to the school and its pupils, is unacceptable.

Pupils should treat the school buildings, ground and equipment with respect. Any form of vandalism to the school’s, teachers’ or other pupils’ property will be viewed as totally unacceptable.

Pupils may not discard rubbish or litter on the school premises.

After school, pupils may only wait in designated areas. Playing around buildings and classrooms is not permitted.

Pupils may not use the school’s facilities and equipment, including sports equipment, without the supervision or permission of the Director of Sport or relevant sports coach.

Pupils may not enter the school premises after hours or during school holidays without permission.



Cell phones may not be brought to school. In special circumstances where cell phones are needed, children may ask a teacher for permission to bring a cell phone to school or take a cell phone on an outing. If cell phones are brought to school, they must be left at the office and collected after school. Any child who has been given permission to bring a cell phone to school or take one on a school outing, does so entirely at their own risk.

No electronic games and items such as I-Pods and MP3’s may be brought to school.

Parents are requested not to telephone teachers after hours or on their cell phones, unless specifically invited to do so by a specific teacher. Should a parent wish to meet with a teacher or the Headmaster, they should make an appointment via the School Secretary and adhere to the correct channels of communication.

Pupils must adhere strictly to the School Uniform Policy. Unicorn pupils must wear the correct uniform at all times, including when worn after school hours in public. Parents must ensure that uniform items are replaced when they no longer fit or become worn or shabby

In the event of a serious transgression of this Code of Conduct, the school will enforce its Disciplinary Policy. Children and /or parents may be required to attend a Disciplinary Hearing. The head may at his/her sole discretion cancel enrolment at the School.