Intersen Phase

A Spirit of Friendship, Respect & Unity

Unicorn's highly experienced and enthusiastic teaching staff follow a comprehensive educational programme which is designed in line with the National Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) throughout the Intersen Phase. Intersen is a combination of INTERmediate and SENior Phases where Intermediate is Grade 4-6 and Senior is Grade 7.

We have 8 classes in the Intersen Phase as well as several specialised classrooms to make sure all learning areas are covered. These classrooms include a Media Centre and Library, a Science Lab, Computer Centre and Dedicated Robotics, Music and Art Classrooms.

The following Learning Areas are covered at Unicorn Preparatory in the Senior Phase:

English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, CAMI Mathematics(Grade 4), Natural Sciences (Science & Biology), Social Sciences (History & Geography), Economic & Management Sciences (Grade 7 only), Media (Grade 4-7), Music & Drama, Robotics, Life Orientation, Computers and IT using Knowledge Network, and Art.

There is a close tie between the Foundation Phase and Intersen Phase and continuous communication between these two departments ensures continuity throughout the school.

We hold two speech contests (one English and one Afrikaans) each year which are adjudicated by external judges. These are the Robert Mosse and Hein Kruger contests. Children go through the whole process of planning, editing to the final group who actually end up as finalists on the evening. Careful guidance if offered by the staff throughout the process.

At Unicorn, our children are encouraged to think independently, to be considerate towards others and to be fair minded at all times. Unicorn inspires its boys and girls to live out the motto Integrity.

Our Intersen Phase children are encouraged to join various educational outings, tours and field trips arranged by the school every year. These are organised to further enhance the holistic education we offer each child, as education is bigger than just the classroom. Parents will be advised of costs and arrangements well in advance.

We are proud of what we offer at Unicorn Preparatory and the fact that our children are so sought after at High School level is a proud achievement for us all.