Umalusi Council for quality assurance in general and further education and training

Unicorn Preparatory has received full accreditation from Umalusi, Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training, with accreditation number – 19 SCH01 00682, as from 15 May 2019.


IQAA (Independent Quality Assurance Agency) - last completed in 2013 but currently busy with the 2019 evaluation.

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This is a partial quote from the initial letter received from Norma Winearls, the Acting Executive Director of IQAA (Independent Quality Assurance Agency)

“May I begin by thanking you, Ian Houston, the school evaluation team and teaching staff for the warm welcome and hospitality shown to our mentor, Henry Harman. He comments on the positive reception he was given by all members of staff, and commends the report as an accurate reflection of the school.

It must be pleasing to read his observations that the school is ‘a happy and caring place’, and that its community is ‘proud and very supportive of the school’. This is borne out by the very high rate of parent response to the opinion surveys: 97,4%. The parents’ response to the survey confirms that their children are happy, well-cared for, and safe. There is a high correlation between their belief in their children’s progress at the school, and the high academic standards that the school has.

These results are echoed in the findings of the school evaluation team. There is a strong emphasis on sport, cultural activities such as the Eisteddfod, academic extension through participation in Academic Olympiads, sound cover of the curriculum, academic support from a strong remedial team, and a common commitment that children need to ‘feel safe and cared for’ at the school. The school’s mission statement, vision and values appear to be lived out at Unicorn Preparatory School.

I commend the report for the way in which it has reflected on the recommendations from the first evaluation cycle. It is quite clear from this that an ethos of continuing quality assurance is entrenched.”